Geoff Knight’s story is one of profound and constant transformation told through the lens of his journey on a road less travelled.

The insights he brings are a powerful catalyst for increasing awareness; of self, others and the collective, inspiring momentum towards organisational accord.

His compelling story, engaging stage presence and deeply authentic delivery leaves audiences provoked, exhilarated and forever changed.

From bullied choirboy to bad-boy bikie turned acclaimed tenor, Geoff Knight’s compelling and exhilarating story is perfect for conferences that want to start (or end) their events with a striking and unforgettable experience.

Geoff’s bold and thrilling delivery, combined with awe-inspiring operatic interludes creates an energised and enthusiastic atmosphere that attendees adore.

When you’ve experienced leadership and organisations that range from criminal bikie gangs to multinational corporations, it’s not surprising that your insights are radically different from the status quo.

In new twist on his popular keynote, this is a more deeply provoking experience, customised for each client and designed to shine a light on the causes of organisational discord and entrenched cultures of dictatorial, siloed behaviour.