My Way or the Highway

The Catalyst for Organizational Accord


How would your organisation look when viewed through the lens of a journey on a road less travelled?

The difference between a gang and a corporation is that the latter doesn’t usually set out to create a culture of fear. Fixing this isn’t just a leadership issue, it’s a cultural issue for the organisation, and it’s the rapid change of contemporary societal culture that causes the biggest disconnect; between the organisation, its leaders, its employees and its customers.

When you’ve experienced leadership and organisations that range from criminal bikie gangs to multinational corporations, it’s not surprising that your insights are radically different from the status quo.

In an unusual twist on his story topic, Geoff uses the insights and experiences as a member of a notorious bikie gang, as the captain of a deep sea trawler, as an international performer and finally, as a sales manager for a multinational to contrast and compare how different types of leaders and groups react to the challenges of collaboration, communication and organisational silos.

Key outtakes:

  • Learning to let go; controlling coordinated actions rather than trying to control the outcome
  • Collaborating on corporate culture; avoiding the pitfalls of dictating culture
  • How breaking down silos and empowering teams creates a culture of collaboration
  • Becoming aware of your organisational identity and its self-reinforcing nature

This keynote is best for organisations who want a combination of authentic, exhilarating story and deep insight into personal transformation, and is usually tailored specifically for the client.