About Geoff Knight

Geoff Knight’s story is one of profound and constant transformation, told through the lens of his journey on a road less travelled.

The broad strokes of his life story are by turns shocking, provocative and uplifting.

Like many young people born into adversity, Geoff’s early life was beset by challenges. If he’d understood his true potential, or had more than a few glimpses of encouragement or recognition his life might have taken a very different turn. But mentors and opportunities were thin on the ground and he simply fell into line with what seemed was his preordained path… leading right into New Zealand’s criminal underworld.

While riding with notorious bikie gang Highway 61, Geoff experienced a (literally) mid-air moment of clarity. Time slowed as he flew from his chopper after colliding with a truck; he got the message. “If I live through this, I’ll get out”.

Which is exactly what he did. It was the start of his journey on what he calls “The Transformation Highway”.

He not only shed his criminal past, but also the attitudes and behaviours that kept him there in the first place.

Geoff’s story isn’t just a tale of a man on the road to redemption. His transformation is as much about the incredible personal growth of an individual with a capacity for tremendous empathy and self-awareness.

His transformative journey took him from bikie to captain of a deep sea trawler, to a stuntman on (notably on TV’s “Xena, Warrior Princes” & “Hercules”). He gained a degree in the performing arts and has become an accomplished opera singer who launched a company that sold shares in his career. His story has been told to thousands of conference attendees, with audiences from school kids to captains of industry.

The insights he brings are a powerful catalyst for increasing awareness; of self, others and the collective, inspiring momentum towards organisational accord.

His compelling story, engaging stage presence and deeply authentic delivery leaves audiences provoked, exhilarated and forever changed.